Minor Moves’ music leads you to connect with your deepest emotions.

Minor moves is an electronic / trip hop /downtempo duo. Its music is mainly influenced by the most representative trip hop bands of the 90s. Minor Moves is made up of Joel Gómez on vocals, keyboards and programming and Max Seminara on bass. They met in 2009 with the Jaga Corp project, an electronic duo through which they experienced rock, funk, drum & bass, jazz and electronical music. They produced original music for contemporary art exhibitions, visual art, short films and cultural events, collaborating with different musicians and visual artists such as Fermin Urdánoz, Alfonso Pietro Caravetta y Pilar Dalbat. They performed in Spain and Italy and produced a Single, an EP in 2017 an LP, Molecular Games, which was presented at the International Festival “Artistrada”, Italy. After taking their first steps in “Jaga Corp”, they progressively moved forward to a new Project:” Minor Moves”. This new experience all began in June 2019 during the Musical Entrepreneurship Project promoted by Paideia Foundation, Primavera Sound, and Primavera Pro. Since then Minor Moves has been focusing on getting the audience to connect to their deepest emotions through new musical experiences.

In June 2019 Minor Moves performed a silent concert at the Cotton Club Hotel in Barcelona, where the audience get immersed for the first time into this new musical experience, in July at the Mercedes Fashion Week in Madrid in the Jardines del Retiro.  

In February 2010 Minor Moves released its first homonymous EP.

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